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I am Yi-Ling Qiao (乔怿凌), a senior undergraduate student double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences . I am interested in computer graphics, vision, and machine learning, and plan to apply for Ph.D. this year. I am sincerely looking forward to communicating with you.

This summer, I was conducting summer research advised by Prof. Andrea L. Bertozzi and Prof. Matt Haberland at Department of Mathmatics, UCLA . Before that, I was a semester exchange student in School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University . Also, I have been doing researches at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Prof. Lin Gao , Prof. Yu-Kun Lai and Prof. Shihong Xia . In this semester, I will start my math bachelor thesis under supervision of Prof.Fuzhou Gong at Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS, and my computer science thesis under supervision of Prof. Xilin Chen and Prof. Lin Gao at ICT, CAS.


Uncertainty quantification for semi-supervised multilabel classification in image processing and ego motion analysis from body worn cameras
Yi-Ling Qiao, Chang Shi, Chenjian Wang, Hao Li, Matthew Haberland, Andrew M. Stuart, Andrea Bertozzi
Electronic Imaging (EI 2019) (Oral Presentation)
Conference Site, paper

Automatic Unpaired Shape Deformation Transfer
Lin Gao, Jie Yang, Yi-Ling Qiao, Yu-Kun Lai, Paul L. Rosin, Weiwe Xu, Shihong Xia
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018)
Project ·  paper

SF-Net: Learning Scene Flow from RGB-D Images with CNNs
Yi-Ling Qiao, Lin Gao, Yukun Lai, Fang-Lue Zhang, Ming-Ze Yuan, Shihong Xia
29TH British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC 2018)
Paper · 


University of California, Los Angeles
Special Program (Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology)
July 2018 - September 2018

Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science
Semester Exchange Student
January 2018 - May 2018

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Bachelor's Degree
September 2016 - present

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Computer Science and Technology
Bachelor's Degree
September 2015 - present

More Information

Starting participating in Olympiad in Informatics as well as Mathematics in high school, I have long been interested in computer science and math. Our school, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, starts undergraduate education just from 2014, focusing on scientific research. It has a high bar in the college entrance exam and recruits 300+ undergraduate students every year. We have plenty of opportunities to do researches in institutes affiliated to CAS. In college years, I get a GPA of 3.89/4.0. At the same time, I gradually learn how to do research and finally love it. I am determined to do quite beautiful research in the future.

I choose to double major in CS and math because I like both subjects and believe math can really help us to design insightful algorithms. My future goal is to make computers and robots understand 3D objects.

In Prof. Lin Gao's lab at ICT, CAS. I conduct research about computer graphics and vision, especially on geometry and deformation.

In the exchange semester in CMU, I attended two graduate courses, NLP and Dynamic Optimization. In Prof. Alan Black's NLP, our group designed a QA system based on a certain knowledge base. In Prof. Christopher Atkeson's class, I constructed a 24-DoF spider robot, made a self-driving toy car navigated by a vision system, and proposed a research project which combines extended Kalman Filter with deep reinforcement learning.

In UCLA this summer, I study uncertainty quantification in the problem of multiclass semi-supervised learning. In addition to giving a class label, our method can also produce a confidence score, indicating the confidence for each prediction. Our method could contribute to active learning strategies and human-in-the-loop systems.

I would be quite glad if you could contact me:
Yi-Ling Qiao@LinkedIn, q806374906@WeChat, yilingq97@gmail.com

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